Night depository UL

 Night Depository UL  
Night Depository UL
Night Depository UL
  • Unit for bag deposits.
  • The large capacity bag deposit compartment is exposed only when the requires key has operated the lock in the depository frame.
  • Anti-Fishing device
  • Exterior fascia with stainless steel finish
  • Outside lighting system.
  • Door of receiving chest is equiped with 1-3 wheel combination lock GR 2M#6630 with keylocking dial.
  • Contacts for installation of alarm hook-up.
  • Tamper switch
  • Heat sensor 134 degres.
  • Alarm door contact.
  • 25 head keys standards.
  • Maintenance free head mechanism.


  • Pre-wiring circuits for alarm system to protect body and door of the receiving chest.
  • 2 movement timelock.
  • Unit for bag & envelope deposits. the unit can be changed in the the field to bag only.
  • Customer engraving on outside fascia.
  • Available in TL-30x6 model.
  • Extra head keys.
  • Seismic detector.